About Us




Since the incorporation as a private limited company in 1988, Guanlite Sdn Bhd is now widely recognized as a well established company and also one of the top wholesaler of cables and electrical components in northern Malaysia. 

Guanlite Sdn Bhd have grown steadily over the years and providing to the cables and electrical components needs of all customers with quality products, excellent customer service and support. 

We have a wide range of cables and electrical products and we supply to electrical dealers, wholesalers and contractors for all industrial and commercial as well as residential properties. 

We stocked and sell major local cables; such as Mega Cable, Southern Cable, Sama Cable, Tonn Cable, Olympic Cable, Tai Sin Cable, Central Cable, Universal Cable, Multi Wire.

Other than that we also stocked and sell major electrical component such as Hager, Fuji, LS, Terasaki, EPS, NES, SJlite, Goodlite, MSI, KDK, Schneider and much more other brands of electrical components.  

At Guanlite Sdn Bhd, we believe that the support from our customers and suppliers are most important, so we are constantly improving the quality of our products, customer service and support.